Friday Finds: November

How is it November already?! October just flew by and i’m sure November will too. I’ve done A LOT of window shopping the last few weeks looking at all the new products out for fall and winter. I had a hard time narrowing down my top finds, but here are my favorites in no particular order:

1. Fuzzy Blankets


This fave is more of a little inspiration for myself to DIY a blanket. I love snuggling with blankets when it’s cold out and a fuzzy one looks like heaven.

2. Crocs


Hear me out and don’t let your prejudice about the Crocs name close this window right now. YES this bootie is a Croc – cute right? I have a pair of flats and wedges from Crocs and they are the most comfortable shoes I own (other than sneakers). Next time you’re at a mall with a Crocs store, try on a pair and you’ll cross-over like I have.


3. Online Classes


Okay this isn’t so much of a product, but I still had to include it. I love LOVE Brit + Co, and I was so excited to see they have partnered with FedEx to offer FREE business classes. I downloaded all of the free classes I could find and I’ve watched a few so far and they’re pretty great.

4. Nate Berkus Gold Canister


You have to see these canisters in person to see how gorgeous they are – but until then, trust me. I don’t know what i’d put in them, but they’re lovely.

5. Bar Ware Set


Target has done it again (no surprise) with this magnificent gold and marble bar ware set.

What products are you loving? More importantly, will you give Crocs a chance?

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