Airplane Essentials

I love exploring and traveling near and far  with my boyfriend. We’ve gone on quite a few adventures in the last year (Yosemite, San Diego, Portland, Europe, Santa Monica, Boston) most of which we flew to. I’ve put together my list of airplane travel essentials – you’ll never know when your bag gets lost *ahem* or when you might need an Advil. 

Unless we are going abroad, I only bring a carry-on luggage and a medium purse. My essentials stay with me in my purse under the seat in front of me, unless I’m wearing them. 


  • Yoga pants – cozy and stretchy so you can sit in what ever weird position suits you
  • Crew socks or extra fuzzy socks – no cold ankles here! 
  • Sneakers – walking around airports with luggage is not fun, and you’ll need good shoes
  • Loose shirt – a like to wear a light layer in case I get too warm
  • Zip up hoodie – I am always cold on planes 
  • Scarf – can use as a blanket or for back support 
  • Neck pillow – I have a hard time sleeping without a neck pillow

In the bag 

  • Phone – if you like to play games, look at pictures, etc
  • Small book – if you like to read on longer flights pick a book that’s not too bulky or heavy
  • Headphones – for music or watching movies
  • Folding Water bottle – bring your empty bottle through TSA then fill it up before boarding. I always get thirsty on planes and going to the bathroom gives me an excuse to stretch my legs 
  • Advil, Tums, other medicines – if you need medicine or think you might, pack it with you so it’s easy to access 
  • Small snack – so you doing pay $10 for some sliced fruit
  • Lotion, Chapstick – keeping your skin hydrated during the flight will make you feel so much better 
  • Glasses, contact solution, case – the first thing I do when I get on a plane is wash my hands and remove my contacts ( if it’s a long flight). When we land I’ll put them back in. I feel so much more refreshed when I don’t wear them the whole time. 
  • Gum – sometimes you just need gum
  • Wallet – duh 

You don’t need a ton, and you can downsize by using smaller packaged items like lotions and medicines. These all for easily in my medium purse. 

What’s your must have when flying?

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