My First Macarons!

This past weekend, I challenged myself to FINALLY try making macarons. I looked for a recipe online and ended up picking this one from Food Network. I combined the recipe with some tips from this Tasty video I saw on Facebook:

I followed the recipe from Food Network very closely, and just used the tasty video as a reference point on how to properly mix the batter.

A few learning points from my first attempt:

  • You can make your own superfine sugar with a food processor, but it’s probably not worth the time.
  • I tried parchment paper and a silicone baking mat; the batches on the parchment paper stuck and consequently broke while the batch on the mat came clean off. Definitely worth it.
  • Don’t over flow your piping bag. It was a mess and dripped all over my hands and the counter.

I am excited to try making them again. I followed the recipe for the Almond-Raspberry cookies and they were amazing. I forgot to grab food coloring though so my shells were a plain cream color. I was surprised with myself that my first attempt even resembled macarons!

Unfortunately I didn’t take a very nice picture of them, just a shot of them in a box:

Next time I will take pretty pictures, and remember food coloring 😉

What’s your favorite macaron recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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