Color Factory | Minted Bold

Color Factory!

I know you’ve probably read at least 3 blogs and seen 100’s of photos of Color Factory, but I just went this weekend and I want to share my experience with you!

Color Factory | Minted Bold

I, like many people, didn’t try to buy tickets to Color Factory until the hype had hit. The only tickets I was able to buy were two singe tickets each for a different time slot, one for 11:30 am, the other for Noon. Ugh. I went with my friend and thought one of us would have to do a bit of waiting until the other could enter, but luckily the workers were really cool and let us both in at the same time! We showed up at 11:45 am which was perfect cause it seemed like we were there when no one else was. I’m not sure how many people have tickets for each time slot, but I liked the feeling that we had the whole place to just us and a handful of others.

Color Factory | Minted Bold I have to say, I like colors, but the Color Factory made me love colors. I follow a lot of bloggers that live this kooky, colorful life and it’s so pretty and fun, but just not for me. I generally like more muted, pastel and mauve colors, but it was definitely a blast to experience such a bright and colorful world for an hour.

Color Factory | Minted Bold

The ribbon installation was one of my favorite exhibits. Not only is it pretty, but it was so much fun to walk through. It felt like how I imagine walking through a dense forest would feel – it was dark and the ribbons muffled everyone’s voices making them seem farther away than they were.

Color Factory | Minted Bold

My other favorite room was the confetti room! I mean, how can you not love a room full of confetti? I’m pretty sure I could have spent an hour in that room tossing confetti in the air and taking fun pictures.

Confetti Factory | Minted Bold

Once you are down with the Color Factory there is still more to explore! You get a map of additional exhibits and things to do around San Francisco specifically set up for Color Factory. We tried to do a few of them, but unfortunately many of the ones we tried were closed on Sundays (the day we went). The one I was really excited to see was a mural in China Town (Above). Unfortunately, in any big city, you’re going to get graffiti, and someone tagged the mural 😦 The colorful steps were still intact, but it was really disheartening to see someone ruin the artists work.

Overall it was great experience and I encourage you to go if you can snag tickets! If you have gone, what was your favorite exhibit? Let me know with a comment!

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