DIY Gilded Tray

I’m all about mint, white and gold, so any time I think of a way to incorporate those colors into a DIY, I jump on it.

I found this tray in the dollar section at Target (pretty sure it was actually $3), and it was originally black. I had been looking for a few new trays so I decided to buy it and make it match my room!


  • Tray
  • White spray paint
  • Liquid gilding
  • Paint brush

I originally tried to use acrylic paint but it was very streaky and the black showed through even after 3-4 coats. So instead I sanded it down a little and spray painted both sides of the tray with white spray paint. I did two coats on each side, allowing for plenty of time in between each coat. Once dry, I used a fine paint brush and liquid gilding to paint the lip and handles of the tray. I would recommend using tape as well to ensure you don’t accidentally get gold on the white.


I have a second tray that I haven’t done anything with yet. It’s a different shape, but I’m not sure whether or not I want it to have the same style with the painted lip and handles.

What do you think?

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