Office Makeover Progress Report

I am really good at procrastinating, but this may be my best job to date. I started on my home office/craft corner in JUNE of last year, and it’s about time I finish it. Just not today.

My boyfriend and I have a den space in our apartment that works as our shared office/creative space. We both have a lot of stuff (crafts for me, sneakers for him), so my big challenge has been organizing the space in a cohesive way. To be honest, after we put our desks in last year, it’s just been an unorganized mess. But that will come to an end very soon.

Office Design | Minted Bold

Last year I made a game plan for what I wanted my half of the room to look like, and executed on some of it. I did the necessary things, like build my desk, put away my supplies and buy a desk chair. Not bad, but not the best. My plan to finish off my half of the room is to finish printing and hanging all of the art I planned out and to organize my pile of random things.


DSC_0325 2

I left Steven’s half of the room up to him, and until last weekend, it was just a desk and a stack of shoes. He’s also taken up buying vintage clothes and selling them, so there’s a lot going on. He finally decided how he’d like to style and organize his half of the room, so last weekend we made him a giant shelf to match my desk. The goal is that his half looks something like this:


To build a shelf that would fit the 10′ long wall above his desk, I cut a sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood into a corner piece and one longer 6′ piece. I thought that getting the shelf on the wall was going to be super easy, but I feel like it took us over an hour. Trying to level two different pieces of wood on a wall, while one of them is not secured was challenging to say the least. But once it was finally up, damn did it look good.


One problem – we didn’t consider how heavy sneakers are. One we started adding shoes to the shelf, we could visibly see it starting to lean and sag. Obviously not good because we didn’t want his shoes or this giant piece of wood to come crashing down. So we ordered more brackets, and that’s where we left it.

This weekend we will hopefully finish getting the shelf secured and filled, and organize the rest of his stuff. I am also considering putting a shelf along the top of my desk to match Steven’s shelf. It wouldn’t be as wide of store shoes, but I think it would help to visually be more cohesive. I’ll be posting to my Instagram stories as we continue working on the room this weekend if you’d like to follow along in realtime. Hopefully it doesn’t take another six months to finish the room!

Happy Friday!

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